Do customers ever feel lost?

Ever wonder if the people in your building are getting lost?

Let us do an analysis of your signs and building layout to make sure you are leading people where they want you to go.

No one wants confused customers or to make someone feel out of place.

Contact us for more information on our directional signs.

LED Signs installed at Carlos O'Kelly's

Below is a news story that ran on and KAKE10 referencing the recent change-out of neon to LED at a Carlos O'Kelly's in Wichita, KS by TriMark Signworks.
While "going green" has become a trend in the last few years, saving money is trend that will never go away. Here are some numbers: by changing their neon signage and accent borders to LED Carlos will reduce their signage energy consumption by 77%. In dollars per year, it will cost approx. $1.31 v. $5.52 to power one linear foot of LED compared to neon respectively.

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