Selecting A Sign Company

In Selecting your sign company….

Would it matter if we told you….

Trimark is an employee owned, 86 year old sign company with a combined 100+ years of sign industry experience at the management and ownership levels.

Trimark has a pre-employment and random drug testing program to ensure the people you’re dealing with are trust worthy and professional.

Trimark employs only the best from the sign industry and our competitors hire 90% of the people we let go that did not make the grade.

Trimark is a charitable organization that gives back to our community and God’s Kingdom.

Trimark will work to ensure you get the most value for your dollar. We treat your budget with respect.

Trimark understands SERVICE is a verb, not a noun.

Trimark will earn your RELATIONSHIP by performing time and time again.

Trimark knows your sign plays an important role in your marketing strategies.

Please Select wisely.